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Dog Smart Toy | Foobler Mini Self-loading smart toy 10cm

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The Mini Foobler® dog toy is a smaller version of the Foobler® and is perfect for both cats and mini/ small dog breeds. It is designed specifically to be lighter in weight and size so your four-legged friend can be entertained all day when you are not home.

Why your Dog will Love the Foobler®

DOGGY FUN: Dogs are just like us humans who love to play, be entertained and have food treats during the day

REDUCING UNDESIRABLE BEHAVIOUR: Reduce boredom and the chance of your garden furniture or garden hose being chewed or gardens dug up

HEALTHY TREATS: The Foobler® lets you set the timer for when dry dog food is released. Your Doggy will be treated to healthy treats through-out the day

BRAIN DEVELOPMENT: Our 4 legged friends are just like us. The more we play, entertain and engage in activities, the more alert we stay

MAINTAINS YOUR DOG’S TRUE NATURE: A dog’s DNA is to hunt and forage for food and to challenged daily to keep it active. The Foobler will continue this and make your Dog love you even more

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