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RelaxoPet PRO Horse Animal Relaxation Trainer

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RelaxoPet PRO Horse Animal Relaxation Trainer

RelaxoPet Pro Animal relaxation trainer for horses helps to manage stressors, whether in the stable, transport box or in non-animal environments such as vet hospitals.

Suitable for any horse, regardless of age and race, RelaxoPet Pro Animal relaxation trainer emits special sound frequencies, tailored to the sensitive hearing of horses, to aid deep relaxation and helps horses from becoming overwhelmed.

The RelaxoPet Pro Animal relaxation trainer can be used with additional relaxation music, or a switch can ensure the device is active but silent to human hearing. The individual volume of the RelaxoPet sound can be adjusted by the user to the respective situation and the ambient volume of the environment. A lithium battery makes the device portable and can be used the stall, transport box or animal hospital - the device can be recharged via USB cable.

Device Range: Up to 5m indoors, 3m outdoors

Application areas in Horses:
- Fireworks | Thunderstorm
- Separation Anxiety
- Training Stress
- Aggressiveness
- General Reassurance
- Change of Ownership
- Destructive Behaviour
- Panic Situations
- Reactiveness
- Hyperactivity
- Lack of Social Behaviour
- Vet Visits
- Travel Anxiety
- Show Anxiety
- Environmental Changes
- Obsessive-compulsive Disorder
- Discarding foals
- Stall Rest
- Restlessness
- New Surroundings

RelaxoPet PRO Animal relaxation trainers can be used in a wide variety of situations to manage horse stress and anxiety as well as reduce unwanted behavioural problems.

Where can the device be used?
- Stall Rest
- Veterinary Visits / Recovery Areas
- Farrier Visits
- Transport Boxes, while travelling
- Recovering from illness
- Show environments
- Any new surroundings

Key Features:
- The Noise-Motion System detects stressors in your pet’s environment and switches on automatically if necessary.
- Pro timer (4h / continuous operation)
- Visual display panel
- Relaxation through frequent sound and vibration waves
- Ideal for thunderstorms, fireworks, aggression, being alone and when travelling
- Volume adjustable
- Audible and inaudible sounds playable - The RelaxoPet Pro can be used with an audible to human volume or inaudible where only the horse hears and feels the vibrations.
- Lithium battery for charging - no annoying cable
- Range up to 5 m Indoors | 3 m outdoors
- German Innovation and German “Shark Tank” reality TV series winner

- Always read the manual before use to ensure correct application.
- A period of acclimatization is required before using the device during stressful situations, read the manual for guidance
- Never start the device during a stressful situation for your pet - with the exception to fireworks and thunderstorms
- The RelaxoPet Pro with its specially developed audible sound carriers can also trigger a calming and deep-relaxation state in humans
- The device should not be used more than a maximum of 8 hours a day.

It is recommended to activate the device before a stressful event, when possible - for instance before loading into horse box, before attending a show, or vet visit, when thunderstorms are predicted or when expecting a firework display.

- The device should not be used close to the water and should be protected from moisture and extreme temperatures
- RelaxoPet is not a substitute for animal-friendly education or the keeping of pets in undesired conditions


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