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RelaxoPet Sound Bag

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RelaxoPet Sound Bag

Perfect protection for the RelaxoPet sound system, in cool dark jeans, look.

Take your RelaxoPet Trainer on the road with you with the RelaxoPet Sound Bag – it is a sturdy bag for protecting, storing, suspending, or transporting your Pet Relaxation Trainer.

This durable fabric bag comes with a hook that can be attached to your belt loop, leash, pet carrier or anywhere else you choose. This convenient storage bag features a zipper and a mesh top.

Turn on the sound module and place the device into the bag and you and your pets are ready for exciting outdoor adventures.

Key Benefits
Specifically made for taking your Relaxopet device out with you – for walks, in the car, at pet shows or vet visits
Handy clip for easy attachment to your
This zippered bag is lightweight and portable
Integrated mesh top
Comes in a fashionable denim-style material.
Device Range: Up to 5m indoors, 3m outdoors

Accessory for RelaxoPet Pro Dog, Cat and Bird devices


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