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Beach Tent - Green

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This beach tent- Green- is an ideal pop up tent for outdoors and the beach. This features like a sunshade canopy. It is an ideal spot for kids to play in, nap and eat when the sun is beating down outside. Protect your baby by softening the sun rays on their skin. The mesh side pieces also allow for cross air breeze and to prevent heat being trapped in the tent. Set up this tent in less than 10 seconds. This is the easiest most convenient product to fit into your bag to take with you on any outdoor activity. It slides into your boot, takes up minimal space and is ideal for travel. 


Easy to carry and fold 

Lightweight and can be carried by kids 

Can be used as a shade cloth, play tent and nap time area

Easy to assemble 

Can be used by both toddlers, kids and adults

What comes in the box:

1x Green tent 

1x Carrier Bag

Product Weight:


Product Dimensions:

143x 99cm x 66cm

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